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Can using the Enter Key really corrupt your records?

Question asked by dora_explorer on Oct 8, 2009
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Can using the Enter Key really corrupt your records?

Description of the issue

Type:     FileMaker Pro 10.0v1Platform: Win XPExperience:  New to FM (Advanced skills in other db apps)I am currently assigned as a database admin in a FileMaker program that a developer created.  I discovered that a simple key stroke will erase data in hidden fields that the data entry people do not have access to.   Here is my scenario:  A data entry person will type their remarks in a Comments box.  If the Enter key is pressed while in that box, the cursor will remain in the box and the person can continue typing.  However, the text that was typed after pressing the enter key is actually overwriting crucial data in fields that only admins can see and use.   The developer stated this is a FM issue and there is no fix. “Tell them to not use the enter key” was his answer.   Honestly, I don’t that this quite accurate.  Can someone please validate my findings and/or the devlopers' statement?