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Can't add any more data!

Question asked by cubs09 on Nov 17, 2009
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Can't add any more data!

Description of the issue

"there is not enough room on the disk to complete this operation. Make more room on the disk and try again."  Thats the error message im getting when I want to add more infor, etc. to my data base.  How do i figure this out, I am new at this program.  We are using I believe filemaker pro 8.5 advanced, and it won't even let me add new info, pics etc to any of the data.  On my external drive along with my hard drive it shows that I have plenty of space available.  I believe the info I'm saving is being saved to my external drive, however, I wasn't taught how this program actually works, just how to put info into it.  I work at a musuem and we use this program to record our data collections of specimens that our brought into our museum.  Any information that can help will be greatly appreciated!