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      I have 3 different printers to choose from and File Maker won't change printers (it used to)I'll click print choose the printer I want but even though it shows printing to printer #2 it will always print to printer #1. they are networked printers but i have spent 3 hrs on the phone with our network I.T. guys and other programs (Excel, Word, Etc.) do just fine only File Make will not change printers.

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          I've always said that, when it comes to printing, FileMaker Pro needs a psychologist.  It has trouble "letting go".  Sometimes, it has trouble letting go of a printer.  Sometimes, it has trouble letting go of a print size.


          There are a few things to try:


          1)  Quitting and re-starting FileMaker.


          If that doesn't work:


          2)  Restarting your machine.


          If that doesn't work:


          3)  Quitting FileMaker, changing your default printer in your system, restarting FileMaker.


          If that doesn't work:


          4)  Buy FileMaker a security blanket, go home, and see if it will let go in the morning.  Oddly enough, sometimes it just needs a good night's sleep.



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            I can confirm this bug as well; I see it all the time; especially in our Citrix environment.  The only thing you can do is this:
            Close FM

            In your OS, set the default printer to the one you would like to use

            Open your database

            Set the printer you want used in File > Print Setup



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              Well I tried that and it did not work... However.. I went into "Print Setup" clicked on "Network" it didn't make any sense so I closed the window by clicking "Ok" and now I can choose any printer i want and it's working fine...


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