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Can't click on drop down menu values

Question asked by DanielSchwed on Jan 31, 2011
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Can't click on drop down menu values


FileMaker Pro



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Description of the issue

Drop down menu values show up when clicking on the appropriate field, however once I click on the desired value with the mouse, the value only gets selected, but does not get committed to the field. It requires pressing ENTER.  This only happens on one of my computers.  The same database (file) on a different computer does not have that issue.  I tried creating a new database from the starter solution and even re-installed FMP without luck

Steps to reproduce the problem

Click on a drop down menu, values appear, but upon clicking on a value from that list, it doesn't get committed to the fliedl

Expected result

Clicking on a value in a drop down menu should committ / insert the value on the field without the user requiring to press enter

Actual result

The value on the drop down menu gets selected, but does not get inserted into the field unless the user presses ENTER

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

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Configuration information

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User must press enter after selecting a value with the mouse on a drop down list.