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can't connect filemaker go on 3G.

Question asked by ChrisCrisp on Dec 10, 2010
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can't connect filemaker go on 3G.


FileMaker Go

Operating system version

windows 7 home

Description of the issue

i have a trial version of the filemaker pro 11 and i created a test database. i can actually share it online (instant web publishing). other computers over the internet can remotely connect to the database. also my iphone can connect to the database using its built-in web browser.

but it can't connect using filemaker go. it always say, there's no files available. and yes, i have opened the port for filemaker. and also included the port in the address host (

Steps to reproduce the problem

- launch the filemaker pro trial version.
- open the test database.
- share the database via instant web publishing.
- port is open for filemaker (default, 80).
- go to filemaker go on my phone and add the host address ( or (
- still get the same result. no files available.

Expected result

i should be able to connect to the database to enter data using filemaker go.

Actual result

when i connect to the host it says, waiting for response. after a minute it says, no files available.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

no files available.


by the way, i could connect using filemaker go on the same wifi. but not on 3g.