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    Can't Deactivate FileMaker 9



      Can't Deactivate FileMaker 9

      Description of the issue

      I cannot deactivate FileMaker Pro 9 on my son's notebook.  I upgraded the notebook to SL.  I want to take the old notebook and transfer the filemaker software to a new one.  But I cannot deactivate it.  Everytime I attempt it, I get an error message 50018. I've called FileMaker a couple of time, but I get stuck on hold, the last time being 30 minutes.  I got frustrated and hung up. What do I do?  I've attached a screenshot.  

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          Persevere on the phone attempts; support is very kind about fixing activation problems. Since deactivation can also be impossible to achieve due to computer death or theft, they have ways around the issue.

          You do get two installs anyway, so you may be able to move ahead with the new laptop and deal with the old when you have time to sit on hold.

          BTW - not seeing a screen shot or url (and accidentally gave you Kudos trying to find it - enjoy).