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Can't enter info into fields after switching apps FMP 10

Question asked by DoubleDee on Aug 5, 2009
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Can't enter info into fields after switching apps FMP 10

Description of the issue

This is odd behavior. I switch to another application from FMP 10 and when I switch back, the window looks useable abut is not. The only visible indication is that the title of the window is slightly greyed out and the top buttons are grey instead of colored. The shadow of the window is less, but that's indescernable until you click and see the difference. Scenarios: 1. If I'm editing a layout, I switch back using the keyboard or the dock, and can enter information in the "object info" palette, even clicking into several fields and entering specifications right where I left off. However, nothing happens in the layout window because it has somehow become inactive - as if there was an invisible active window in front of it. Then when I click the layout window to activate it, all the entered specs are erased. 2. I switch back to Filemaker and move my mouse over a button to activate a script. A hand appears, so I click. I wait, and wait, and then I remember that I have to click again to actually make the button work. 3. I switch back to FM and enter find mode by "command, f" and the find mode is apparent in the screen, as the current record info is replaced with empty fields with their magnifying glass icons. I tab to move through the fields but nothing happens, so I move my hand to the mouse and click on a field, and still nothing happens (except that the window is activated). I curse. This may seem like a small thing but it is slowing me down all day long. I get stuck with this over and over since I've never experienced a program doing this, including FM, before. Is this a local bug on my machine? nothing else does this. I searched but found no other posts about it. Mac OS 10.4.11FMP 10.0v1