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Can't get info into a report from a related table

Question asked by dcbriscoe on Jul 6, 2010
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Can't get info into a report from a related table


FileMaker Pro



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Mac 10.6

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I am sure that the answer to this one is incredibly simple but I am desperate to get this sorted and have tried everything I can think of, including various suggestions from this website and others. I have a very simple database (see attached) and I need to produce a report that gives me the motif information from one table and the site_pop (combined parish & site name) plus easting & northing so that I can generate a map showing the locations. The kf links in ARSP Pots have look-ups that go to the relevant entries in the other tables and also have a value list which link the table ID & the appropriate data in the other table. This was the only way I could find that would give a drop-down list from which I could select the right site or journal. Everything I have read says that a report should look across and pick up data from a linked table, but this refuses to do so. If I set the look-at table as SITES (for example), it shows the data from there, but not from ARSP POTS and vice-versa. I did get it to work last night (not sure how), but this morning when I opened the same file it was refusing to find the data again. The link table is my latest try to sort it. I don't think I need it, but it was worth a try.  PLEASE can someone tell me what I have done wrong and how to fix it. Very many thanks for any help in advance