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    can't get to fmp window



      can't get to fmp window


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      windows 8

      Description of the issue

      FMPro was working fine until I used a quick start program and tried the web option to open an external site (Flickr).  Anyhow, now I can create a new file or select to open an existing file but it won't appear on the screen.  It will indicate on the task bar that FMP is open and there is a thumbnail for a window, but if you click on it nothing happens. I have tried restarting FMPro, same effect, I tried restarting the computer, no difference. Anyone have an idea of what to try next?

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      open FMpro
      Create a new database
      give it a name

      Expected result

      create a field
      go into browse mode

      Actual result

      window disappears
      (same thing happens when I try to open an old established database

      Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

      no error messages -
      windows declares FMP to be incompatible - although I have been using it with windows 8 for at least a year.

      Configuration information

      none that I can think of


      clicking on the file - opens fmp but doesn't show file on the screen
      opening fmp and then selecting the file - same result

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               I found the problem.  Somehow the window for FMP got set to minimize (maybe when I went to an external website screen from FMP), which only gives you a thumbnail off the task bar at the bottom of the screen.  Right click and select maximize and the FMP screen appears - what a relief.  Any furhter info about this is appreciated.  

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                 Hi Walter,

                 Not certain it is related but...

                 The initial settings of the first window opened is a bit strange on FileMaker Pro :

                 It is stored only during the file initial creation :

                 A first window opened. You worked and created your first tables and fields, layouts etc.

                 After what, you then closed your brand new file for the first time.


                 The first window closed initially, even closed and replaced by another during this first session, is now defining the initial window parameters of your file for the rest of his life.

                 It is the reason why we "always must" define an opening script to initialize the size of the first window.

                 You can define it on your File Options (see below). You can call the script for instance "OnFirstWindowOpen".

                 The script triggered on opening can contain actions such as Move / Resize Window and Adjust Window.

            Note : Since FileMaker 12, the option to launch script at startup was placed on the last tab of the File Options named Script Triggers. And then the trigger is OnFirstWindowOpen.

                 Bye, Fred


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                   Does anyone have a solution as I have a similar problem but in my case maximize is not appearing as an option when I right click on the thumbnail in the taskbar.  

                   As soon as I start FMP and select any database to open/create the screen immediately disappears and I am just left with the thumbnail in the taskbar but the only option available when I right click is to close, there is no maximize or restore option presented.  Have tried "switching to" FMP from task list and restarting but nothing is making any difference.  

                   Would greatly appreciate some help with this.