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Can't import Bento Data Source

Question asked by joob on May 23, 2009
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Can't import Bento Data Source

Description of the issue

I have Filemaker Pro Advanced 10 and Bento 2 which I recently updated to 2.04.  After selecting import Bento Data Source from the "File" menu from Filemaker, and then navigating to the portion of my Bento 2.04 data I wish to import, the field matching dialogue box now shows no data in any of the fields.  If I click import, I import empty records.  It works fine in Bento 2.0.  If I export a CSV from Bento 2.04 and import the CSV file into FMPro Adv 10, the data is there.  But the 2.04 update has broken the import Bento Data Source menu item. I recently updated to Mac OS 10.5.7 but it didn't work in 10.5.6 either.  I have tried this on two different systems on two different hard drives with the same result.  I have not upgraded from Bento 1.  I tried throwing away my Bento database and recreating it.  I have created new records and tried to import them using the import Bento Data Source command.  All without result.   Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Even if it's just to tell me a fix is on the way.  Or if I could get a link to Bento 2.03, maybe 2.03 wouldn't have this problem.  But I can't locate any links to the previous update. Thank you.