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can't import data from excel into database

Question asked by ChristinaNguyen on Oct 1, 2010
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can't import data from excel into database


FileMaker Pro



Description of the issue

I am using the purchase order template in filemaker and customize it for my own usage by creating few other tables that can link to the main data entry. Normally I can import data from excel into performance item table which is line items table before (I just change the name) easily by going to the line item layout and start to conduct import by using "import file" and match the fields with the columns I need to import from excel . However suddenly yesterday I went in and try to import but it does not happen. On the "import field mapping" window, all the tables in target side become grey, I cant click in to choose the table that I want to import data in.

Steps to reproduce the problem

I cant figure out which steps cause the problem.

Expected result

I attach the picture when I conduct the importing. Hope my explanation is better for you to offer me an answer.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

it does not show any error messages. Just I cant click on the table I want so that it will show all the fields that I can match up and import in