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Can't import xlsx files with filemaker server 12

Question asked by jpbuos on Jul 2, 2013


Can't import xlsx files with filemaker server 12


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When running filemaker pro 12 the import works fine. When creating script to be scheduled from server it fails to load the xlsx files. path "filemac:/Macintosh HD/Library/FileMaker Server/Data/Documents/filename.xlsx" It will also not let me write an xlsx file to path. It will allow me to write a csv file to the path and open it. I'm using filemaker go on 15 iPhones that export xlsx files to a synced box account via email, moved to the correct location via automator, scheduled with ical alerts. When I duplicate the script and re write to import from the client it take forever to import but will work. What took fmp 60 seconds to do before now takes 30 minutes. I need server to function as advertised. Am I missing something?