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Can't Locatre Tables for Lookpup Files

Question asked by JamesWood on Oct 21, 2011
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Can't Locatre Tables for Lookpup Files


FileMaker Server


Filemaker Pro V11

Operating system version

Windows XP Version 2002

Description of the issue

In creating a new file, in this instance, SSS Quotes, I entered the following items:
Quote Number      - Auto Enter Serial Number
Date Entered      - Creation Date, 4 Digit Year, Date
Date Modified      - Modification Date, 4 Digit Year, Date
Site ID           - This entry will be used for lookup from a network file Mailing List
Site          - Lookup from Mailing List “Location when Site ID matches Mailing ID
When I go to Options and Specify Looked-up value, the Lookup for Field “Site” indicates SSS Quotes with nothing else in the pull down window. In Lookup from related table it says Unknown. When I check the down arrow, I get light grey tones indicating Current Table “”SSS Quotes” --- Under Related Tables and Unrelated Tables
Under Relationships we get only the SSS Quotes Table and nothing else.
What am I missing or doing wrong? – and how did I lose the Related Table?
This file, SSS Quotes,  is not currently on the Server, however, all other files to be looked up are on the server.