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Can't open file

Question asked by AdrienB on Jan 19, 2012
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Can't open file


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version


Description of the issue

When I try to open a file, it immediately closes. 

I would love to get in there and correct the problem, but every time I try to login, it closes.  Is there anything I can do or is my database a goner?

Steps to reproduce the problem

I suspect it may have to do with a print script.  After opening a print layout in a new window, a layout script closes the window if the user leaves preview mode (Layout: On Mode exit).  I was editing this layout with only one window open, hit the preview button and closed the file.  It now will not open.

I have taken a much older version of the file and created a similar page and closed it the same way, but I can still open the file as it defaults to the main page layout.

Expected result

I should go to the main page layout written in the "on file open" script.

Actual result

File fails to open.