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    Can't open file



      Can't open file


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version


      Description of the issue

      When I try to open a file, it immediately closes. 

      I would love to get in there and correct the problem, but every time I try to login, it closes.  Is there anything I can do or is my database a goner?

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      I suspect it may have to do with a print script.  After opening a print layout in a new window, a layout script closes the window if the user leaves preview mode (Layout: On Mode exit).  I was editing this layout with only one window open, hit the preview button and closed the file.  It now will not open.

      I have taken a much older version of the file and created a similar page and closed it the same way, but I can still open the file as it defaults to the main page layout.

      Expected result

      I should go to the main page layout written in the "on file open" script.

      Actual result

      File fails to open.

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          If you have filemaker advanced, launch filemaker without attempting to open this file. Enable the script debugger and then open the file. The script that is closing your file will pop up in the debugger and you can then halt the script before it has a chance to close the file.

          If "allow user abort [off] has not been used, you might also be able to use command period to halt the script if you can hit that button fast enough to halt the script before it closes the file.

          I've heard of other ways to use an external reference to the file to get it to open without performing the "on open" script, but forget the exact details needed for that to work.

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            I don't have FM Advanced, so I tried command period.  It took a few tries, but I finally got in.  I'm still not sure why it wasn't defaulting to my main page, but I was able to disable the exit window script and save my database.  Thank you!