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Can't print multiple pages

Question asked by JasonMoore on Oct 4, 2012
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Can't print multiple pages


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

10.8.2 Mountain Lion

Description of the issue

Can't print multiple pages.  If I have a 5 page document, it will only print whatever the current page I'm on.  I have to print each page individually.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Normal print procedure,  from window, select Print -- Records Being Browsed.

Expected result

Prints all of the records you have open within that file.  For example I do sales and I have a 5 page quote, I do a search for a specific job/customer quote and it's 5 pages.  I need to print all 5 pages to send to my client and it only prints the current page I'm on.  I have to go and print each individual page.

Actual result

Prints only individual page.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

No Error Message.


Uninstall mountain lion. I would rather not but I can do that.  I already know the suggested work around is going to be to pony up and buy all new file maker software.  Unfortunately, I am one employee of 7 and I upgraded my machine to mountain lion on my own. Everyone else is on snow leopard or lion.   Upgrading on macs is highly unpopular because of their indifference for older programs to no longer work with the new OS.  In addition to that, the company is not going to spend $1000 plus upgrading everyone to the newest filemaker plus filemaker server.  I'm sure it's a great program, but the return on investment would not be there for what we do.  So, long story short, if I could be spared the "spend the $$ and upgrade your Filemaker" comments, that would be great.  With that said, I assume I can't upgrade just my machine to Filemaker Pro 12 and have it work with Filemaker server 10?