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Can't print pdf files created in FM 10

Question asked by anntay on Jan 21, 2009
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Can't print pdf files created in FM 10

Description of the issue

I'm using Filemaker 10 Advanced with Windows XP.  My problem occurs when I use Filemaker files created with an earlier version.  I'm using files originally created with either filemaker 7 or 8.5.  Here's what happens.  I open an existing file & save one or more records as a pdf file, then open the pdf file with the Adobe 9 reader.  When I try to print the records from adobe, I get the following error boxes.  1- The document could not be printed   2- There were no pages selected to print   3- A drawing error occurred.  When I create a new database in FM 10, the problem does not occur.  There is no problem printing at all.