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    Can't use FTS with FM Pro 12



      Can't use FTS with FM Pro 12


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      OS 10.9 Maverick

      Description of the issue

      I recently bought FM Pro 12 for Mac and the FTS series was included for free. I have not been able to access the demo databases Bonsai and Meetings because I can't access many of the menu commands.

      Every time I try to follow the tutorial and modify the demo databases (e.g., by adding new records, trying to enter the manage scripts menu, I get the following message: This action cannot be performed because this file is not modifiable.

      I really enjoy the tutorial, but it is of limited utility if I can't follow along by performing exercises on the demo databases.

      Maverick isn't the culprit, since I had problems after I downloaded the software from the FileMaker site.

      Thanks for your assistance

      John K

      Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

      This action cannot be performed because this file is not modifiable.

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               Hi John,

               Just to be sure : did you copy all the files from the disk image to your computer's hard disk ?

               Because it is clear that the files on the disk image aren't modifiable.

               Let us know...

               Bye, Fred

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                 Hi Fred,

                 I'm not sure, but I think I installed the fmp_12.0.4.403dmg onto my hard drive after I downloaded the software. It was the first disk image in my download list so that's the one I installed. Looking at my downloads folder, I noticed another disk image: fmp_12-1.04.403.dmg — I'm not sure I installed this disk image yet.  I upgraded to the most current version last week 12.0v5.

                 I am a little bit hesitant to double click the fmp_12-1.04.403.dmg because it asks for my license key. I got one copy of FM Pro free when I purchased from the online store and I'm pretty sure I used the first license key to install the application after I downloaded the software though I can't be sure.

                 If I go ahead and use the first license key, will I mess-up anything in terms of the existing configuration or my ability to use at some point my other free copy of the software?

                 Thanks for your assistance.

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                   But i was talking about the FileMaker Training Series (FTS) Disk image.

                   FTS is clearly separated from FMP installer. The disk image should have a different name like "FTS_12_English.dmg". Or am i wrong ?

                   Anyways, i think you received two different installation keys for FileMaker Pro. You can easily check the license you used when the software is open, using the "About FileMaker Pro…" command via FileMaker Pro Menu. Push [Infos] button on this dialog box.

                   Let us know...

                   Bye, Fred

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                     Hi Fred,

                     I double clicked on the FTS_12_English.dmg file and I get an DVD icon on my desktop that says FTS for FileMaker 12. When I click on the DVD icon, I get all of the files in folders associated with the FTS program modules 1-13. So, I'm assuming that I have installed all the files associated with the FTS program.

                     Thanks for the tip re: locating my license key. I can access all of the modules, but I can't modify the sample databases: Bonsai and Meetings.

                     As I said, I'm not sure that I installed the more recent disk image for the application, which seems to be the fmp_12-1.04.403.dmg file.

                     Now that I know which license key I used, should I go ahead and try and install this file?



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                       There are three reasons that this that can cause this warning message to appear:

                       1) the files are located on a DVD or CD. Such files are always "read only" until copied to a computer hard drive.

                       2) The files are inside a compressed zip archive. You can open them from the archive but they aren't modifiable until you extract uncompressed copies and open them.

                       3) The folder where the files are located or the files themselves have been set up as "read only". This can be a property setting on the folder/file or something controlled by user account permissions. User Account permissions in need of repair can also cause this.

                       As a test, you might try copying your files to your desktop--a location where you almost always have "write" permission and see if opening those copies still produces this error message.