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Can't use IWP to share a database..

Question asked by AreliLopez on Aug 1, 2011
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Can't use IWP to share a database..


FileMaker Server

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Mac OS X

Description of the issue

I am new to FIlemaker and I am trying to publish a database to the web. I am using Filemaker Pro and FileMaker Server 11. On the Instant Web Publishing dialog box, when I click on  ON to enable IWP, I get an error saying "Filemaker Pro cannot start Instant Web Publishing because FileMaker Server or another instance of Filemaker Pro is running on this machine." How do I fix that?

Also, I want to change the type of sharing on a database, such as sharing using IWP, XSLT, SML, PHP and ODBC/JDBC. How can I do that?