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    Can't use IWP to share a database..



      Can't use IWP to share a database..


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      I am new to FIlemaker and I am trying to publish a database to the web. I am using Filemaker Pro and FileMaker Server 11. On the Instant Web Publishing dialog box, when I click on  ON to enable IWP, I get an error saying "Filemaker Pro cannot start Instant Web Publishing because FileMaker Server or another instance of Filemaker Pro is running on this machine." How do I fix that?

      Also, I want to change the type of sharing on a database, such as sharing using IWP, XSLT, SML, PHP and ODBC/JDBC. How can I do that?

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          Areli Lopez:

          Thank you for your post.

          If you have FileMaker Server running on the same machine with FileMaker Pro, you will not be able to turn on Instant Web Publishing.  Therefore, go to another machine where FileMaker Pro is located and turn on Instant Web Publishing for the database file.

          To turn on ODBC, pull down the File menu and select Sharing -> ODBC/JDBC.  Turn on ODBC/JDBC Sharing and set the file for access.

          For XML, XSLT and PHP, pull down the File menu and select Manage -> Security...  Click the "Extended Privileges" tab, click "fmxml", click Edit, and enter a checkmark next to the access privileges you want for XML.  Do the same for "fmxxlt" and "fmphp".

          Let me know if you need additional clarification.

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