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Can't use the <> operators in a portal filter calculation FMP12

Question asked by BrentHedden on May 30, 2012
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Can't use the <> operators in a portal filter calculation FMP12


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Windows 7 - 32 & 64bit

Description of the issue

With the filter portal records option, I use the following calculation that works as expected (shows all records with non-blank Field contents)
          ChildTable::Field ≠ ""

But however when I use the following simular calc, it won't display any records in the portal (but it should, as all of the Field contents are not blank!)
          ChildTable::Field <> ""

I've always been able to the greater than/less than symbols to indicate 'not equal to' and it's documented behavior in the 'Comparison operators' section of the manual.  If I use this same test just using the calculation engine (using the data viewer), then it works as expected using either operator.  So it appears that it's only applicable to the portal filtering feature.

Steps to reproduce the problem

This problem holds true whether it's a brand new file created with v12 or converted from v11. It also doesn't matter if the relationship used in the portal is sorted or not.

Should be able to reproduce on any layout portal.  The Filter Record option has to use the greater than/less than operators, like such -
      ChildTable::Field <> ""

Expected result

In the following calculation -
     ChildTable::Field <> ""
Supposing the referenced field(s) have some kind of content in them, then I should see all of the related records in the portal.

Actual result

I see no records in the portal.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear


I see a blank portal.

Configuration information

This problem appears to only happen with portal filter.  Any other calculation that uses these operators works as expected.


Instead of using the <> operators, I can use the ≠ operator instead. 

Works fine in FileMaker Pro 11.03