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Can't view remote host in Open Remote file

Question asked by stariq2008 on Mar 4, 2010
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Can't view remote host in Open Remote file

Description of the issue

I just installed filemaker trial version today. I gave permissions and  then tried to access it thru other pc using remote hosts box. its ip address automatically popped up in open remote dialogue box and everything worked fine. I added another database n then tried to access it again, it didn't work this time. nothing comes up this time when open remote hosts i tried  doing it manually by entering the path fmnet:/ip...  it gives error host not available or file is not available on the host. i havent chgd anything. it was working about half an hour ago n i havent chgd anything. i tried uninstalling filemaker from pc n even the actual server but no luck. firewall is off so thts not an issue. i need to get this going so that i can show it to my client if it fulfill their requirements n then purchase the full version. Need help pls. Thanks. im using file maker pro 10  OS Winxp Salman