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Canceling FMP 10v2 updater doesn't restore all system settings

Question asked by philmodjunk on May 11, 2009
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Canceling FMP 10v2 updater doesn't restore all system settings

Description of the issue

System Info: Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition, SP 2. Filemaker Pro 10 and Filemaker Pro Server are successfully installed on this machine.  I started to run the updater to update FMP 10 v1 to FMP 10 v2 but had to cancel the install when it asked for the Install CD and I didn't have it at hand to use. Afterwards: If I launched the Filemaker Pro application, I was able to find and open a file successfully. If I double-clicked a database file, I got a dialog box that was filled with undecipherable text and had a progress bar. It appears to be an Installer dialog, but I see boxes where I should see text. If I wait, I get a dialog box that I can read that says:"The feature you are trying to use is on a CD-ROM or other removable disk that is not available." When I click cancel I get another unreadable dialog with "1706." and "10.  " as the only characters that are recognizable except for the OK on the OK button. Inserting the Install CD and running the v2 updater corrected this problem.