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Cannot add or save to from MacBook Pro to iPad mini

Question asked by KennethFWilson on Apr 15, 2015
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Cannot add or save to from MacBook Pro to iPad mini


FileMaker Go


FileMaker Go 13

Operating system version


Description of the issue

iTunes was updated on my iPad mini and/or computer. File sharing is turned on. When iPad mini is connected to MacBook Pro to update from iPad or from MacBook Pro the "add" and "save to" does not appear and no updating can take place. Only "sync" appears but does not update both. I have also tried to update wirelessly, but no luck.

Steps to reproduce the problem

I have repeated the above many times, same results.

Expected result

I expect to update my FM file on my computer from my iPad mini, or update my iPad FM file from my computer.

Actual result

No updating has happened. Other programs, ie. Adobe, Bible

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

No error message appears. On the screen it says the Apps listed below can transfer documents from this iPad to your computer.

Configuration information

The latest FileMaker Go is installed. The latest update to operating system has been done. Message appears that all are up to date.


Do not know of any work arounds. The local Apple dealer could not solve the problem and said to contact FileMaker support. The "add" and "save to" have worked perfectly up until now, before this last iTune update.