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Cannot build runtime on Mac

Question asked by EdHirschman on Nov 21, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2010 by philmodjunk


Cannot build runtime on Mac


FileMaker Pro


Advanced 11.0v2

Operating system version

Snow Leopard

Description of the issue

I am logged in with Admin privileges.

When I go to build the runtime, during the process the error message appears "This file is locked or is in use".

Some files are created, but the runtime solution doesn't work.

I have rebooted my machine and tried to make a runtime from a different FMP db, to no avail.

Steps to reproduce the problem

1.  Close all database files that you are going to customize.
2.  Choose Tools menu > Developer Utilities.
4.  Click Add to locate the files that you want to customize.
6.  Select Developer Utilities settings as required. See Setting up files for developer solutions (FileMaker Pro Advanced).
7.  For Solution Options, click Specify - Chose Runtime. 
9.  For Runtime Name, type a name for your runtime application.
10.  For Extension, accepted USR.
11.  For Bindkey, accepted entry put there by FMP
15.  Click OK.

Expected result

Runtime created with no error message occurring during the process.

Actual result

During build of the runtime get dialog box appearing with the error message "This file is locked or is in use".

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

"This file is locked or is in use".