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Cannot create .ics files to add Calendar Appointment

Question asked by fmdataweb on Nov 30, 2014
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Cannot create .ics files to add Calendar Appointment


FileMaker Go



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Description of the issue

I'm trying to generate Calendar appointments on the iOS Calendar app from my FileMaker database. Generating a .ics file via exporting and opening the .ics file is not allowing the user to add the appointment to their calendar.

The appointment doesn't get created in the Calendar app and there's no option to "save" or "add" to the Calendard. If I email the same .ics file that is generated to myself I can then add the appointment to the Calendar.

Steps to reproduce the problem

I'm using the demo file from this site:

You can download the file from this link:

Expected result

Calendar appointment is created/added to the Calendar or a "save to calendar" button option is available to save it to the calendar.

Actual result

Window appears showing calendar appointment details but no button to save/add to Calendar. See screenshot below.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear


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Email .ics file to myself provides option to add to Calendar.