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Cannot drag content from one window into another

Question asked by DarrenTerry on Dec 11, 2012
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Cannot drag content from one window into another


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Mac OS X Lion (10.7.4)

Description of the issue

In prior versions of FM, one could drag layout objects from one window into another (when both are in Layout mode). In this way, you could move objects from one layout to another without copy/pasting. 

This no longer works in FM12.  Now, when you grab a layout object (or group of objects) in layout mode and attempt to drag them out of the current window, they bump up against the edge of the window and don't move out of it.

This is a step backwards from previous versions, and is only one of the many myriad of things that make working in FM12 so much harder and more tedious than previous versions.

Steps to reproduce the problem

1.  Open any .fmp12 file.
2.  Go to Layout Mode.
3.  Create a new window, and in that window go to a different layout.
4.  Grab any object (text, field, square, etc) from window 1 and attempt to drag it into window 2.

Result:  The grabbed object stops moving when it hits the edge of window 1, instead of letting you drag it into window 2.   If you follow the above steps in FM 11 or any previous version, the object can be dragged properly into the other window.  This works on local and hosted files, and among windows from different files.

Expected result

Should be able to drag the object from one window into the other (to duplicate the object via drag and drop).

Actual result

Drag and drop of layout objects from window to window is not supported in FM12.  This is independent of the preference for "Allow drag and drop text selection", which is enabled on my system.

Configuration information

see screen shot.


Must copy and paste objects from one window to another, which destroys previous clipboard contents.