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Cannot Import Pictures from Temporary Folder

Question asked by jcooper on Jul 9, 2012
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Cannot Import Pictures from Temporary Folder


FileMaker Go



Operating system version

ios 5 iPad

Description of the issue

BY specifying path in the Export Field Contents script step, it's possible to export an image to the device's temp folder (per p13 of FMGo12 Development Guide).  However, when specifying the same path with an Insert Picture script step, the choose file dialog appears, forcing the user to choose an image from the filemaker Documents.

Maybe it's me, but kinda defeats the purpose of having access to temp folder when you can't get what you put there (email notwithstanding).

Steps to reproduce the problem

Make a container field then write a script.

set variable $p to get(temporarypath) & "picture1.jpg" and have a script step export to that path.

Then use the same path and try to import the picture back into the container field.

Expected result

The image should import

Actual result

A dialog appears.