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    cannot install FM10adv.



      cannot install FM10adv.

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      Hi there, I cannot install Filemaker 10 Advance on WinXP Pro SP2. Getting the error message:error 1402could not open key:unknown\.fmx\FM70FMX\Shellnew How to get rid of this error ?? Thankx,K.Nester

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             I don't know, but there are two install paths, via downloaded installer or DVD installation disk. It'll help those who might know if you tell them which method you tried to use. If it's the downloaded installer method, you could always try downloading the installer a second time.
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            Hi thanks for your reply !!


            I try to install from the original DVD.


            Trying to install FM10 demo giving me the same error.


            What can  I do ???


            Where to search ??

            I tryed most of the regcleaners etc. no result.

            What is FM looking for ??


            There is no other FM version on my PC...

            Hope someone could give me a tip.


            Thanks Charlie

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              Thank you for your post.


              Since the download version also caused a problem, create a new user account on Windows.  Log into that account and try the installation again.  Do you still get the problem?  If not, then your original user account may be corrupt, or there may be some privilege issues.  If the installation was successful under the new user account, return to your original user account, and you should be able to use FileMaker.


              If the installation under the new user account failed, then I would try installing the trial on another machine (if available).  If you don't run into the same problem, then you will need to determine what is different between the two machines.


              Please continue to keep me updated with any progress.



              FileMaker, Inc. 

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                thanks TSGal,


                I tryed on another PC, installing with no problem.


                Installing an new user brought no luck !!

                Still getting the same error.


                Does Filemaker have an remover like nero has ??


                ---------------- Nero General Remover Tool ------------------


                An important tool for removing Nero software from your computer.

                The Nero uninstaller sometimes doesn't remove all registry entries in the Windows-Registry. That can cause problems, when up- or downgrading to another Nero Version. This tool cleans your system from all Nero-leftovers.

                Before installing a new Nero software, use this freeware Nero General Cleantool to deinstall your current one.
                Filemaker should know, why the installer asks for an unknown registry key ???
                So have a nice weekend,

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                  Thank you for trying out the different scenarios.


                  From your tests, it definitely looks like something on your computer is causing the problem.


                  In Windows, go into Control Panel and select "Add or Remove Programs".  Select FileMaker Pro, and click "Change".  It will run the FileMaker Pro installer, and on the next page, click "Remove", click "Next" and finish.  This will remove all traces of FileMaker Pro.  Go into "My Computer", select the drive, Program Files, FileMaker (if exists), and make sure the FileMaker Pro folder has been removed.


                  I don't know why the installer asks for an unknown registry key.  After uninstalling FileMaker Pro, run Regedit and make sure there is no trace of FileMaker remaining.


                  Although not necessary, reboot the machine.  Install FileMaker Pro again, and see if you continue to have the same problem.



                  FileMaker, Inc.