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    Cannot open FileMaker Pro Advanced File



      Cannot open FileMaker Pro Advanced File


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      We have been using FileMaker Pro Advanced on our 4 Macbook computers for years at my business and this problem has never occurred. We usually open recent for our large database of contacts but as of today, it will not open.

      I open recent OR just double click on the actual file in my finder window, I get a notice that says:

      "Mailing_GOOD_06_2010.fp7" is currently in use and could not be opened. If the file is shared, you can use the Open Remote command to open the file on the network. (If you've opened the file before, check the Open Recent menu.)

      I also have gotten another notice that says:

      "Mailing_GOOD_06_2010.fp7" could not be opened. Either the host is not available, or the file is not available on that host."

      Everyone in the office has FileMaker Pro off on their computers

      How can I fix this so that we can get the file to open?! Please help!

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               There are two ways to open a hosted database file and one method is strongly recommended against as it can damage your file.

               Recommended: Open the file on the host computer with a copy of FIlemaker Pro or Filemaker Server installed on that computer. Use Open Remote to access that file.

               Strongly recommended against: Put the file in a shared directory on a server somewhere on your network. Double click the file or use Open from FileMaker's file menu to open the file.

               Using "Open Recent" could be using either of these methods depending on what method was previously used to open the file. Is there any chance that the second method has been used to open your file? If so, the file might be damaged.