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    Cannot perform finds on full e-mail address



      Cannot perform finds on full e-mail address


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      Snow Leopard

      Description of the issue

      When trying to perform a find for an e-mail address, it returns a "no records found" for addresses that exist. Since I have auto-complete on, it even displays the address I'm looking for, I select it, and it still gives that error.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Perform Find, enter the e-mail address I'm searching for, and it shows the address via auto-complete, and when I select the one I'm looking for from the list, it says "no records found." However, if I put == then the e-mail address, it finds it. If I put = and the address, then "no records found". If I enter in any part of the address before the "@" then it finds it as well.

      Expected result

      Finding existing e-mail address

      Actual result

      Does not find it


      Search with == before the search string, or entering any portion of the text before the "@" sign.