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Cannot recover file created on earlier version.

Question asked by FredHinckley on Oct 22, 2011
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Cannot recover file created on earlier version.


FileMaker Pro


FileMaker Pro 10

Operating system version

Mac 10.6.8

Description of the issue

When attempting  to open file from FMPro, I get the message "This file was created with a previous version of FileMaker Pro and must be converted to this version of Filemaker Pro." When I then proceed to convert, I get the message "FMPro quit unexpectedly. Click reopen to open the application again."

If I try to simply open the file from the Document Folder, the file is interpreted as an Excel file, and Excel is opened. I then get the message "Microsoft Office is not able to run Filemaker Pro at this time. Verify that Filemaker Pro has been installed correctly on this machine." The "Get Info" shows it as an Excel file, also.

I also have an old PowerMac running OS9.1 and FMPro 4.0 which the file was created on. It still runs fine on that machine. Anyway of salvaging from that machine?

Steps to reproduce the problem

Same results each time I have gone through the process.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

See above