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Certain Custom Menu Items "Unknown" in FMP 13

Question asked by honeycomb on Feb 9, 2015
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Certain Custom Menu Items "Unknown" in FMP 13


FileMaker Pro


FMPA 13.0v5

Operating system version

OS X 10.10.2

Description of the issue

Certain menu set items show as "" when I am editing a custom menu. For example, in the View menu set, both "Customize Status Toolbar..." and "Formatting Bar" display as "" when editing. See attached screenshot which shows the actual menu set for the default "Standard FileMaker Menus" and the one on the right which shows the "View Copy" menu set when I attempt to edit it.

Oddly enough, this issue went away after a short period of time (say, 20 minutes). When I went back in to my custom "View" menu set, the 2 items show as "". However, if I create a new menu set from the View menu, the 2 options are there. I did not restart my machine or FMPA 13.

I have also confirmed this issue does not exist in FMPA 13.0v4 (running on OS X 10.9.5)