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    Certain Keyboard Shortcuts Vanish Inexplicably



      Certain Keyboard Shortcuts Vanish Inexplicably


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      Mac OS X 10.10

      Description of the issue

      Periodically, ⌘-L vanishes from the View menu and ⌘-D vanishes from the Edit menu. Relaunching FMP seems to bring them back for awhile, but eventually they go away again.

      I first noticed this right after I'd upgraded to Yosemite, so I was thinking that the new OS was the cause of the problem, but then it also happened on a Mac that hadn't yet been upgraded.

      The other keyboard shortcuts under the Edit and View menu are still visible and still seem to work as intended; it's just these 2 that keep wandering off (tho I've heard other users tell me that different ones vanish for them).

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Wait awhile; it'll come back.

      Expected result

      Stable menu commands and keyboard shortcuts.

      Actual result


      Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

      No message pops up. 1 minute the shortcuts are there and functional, the next minute they're not. No warning.


      (1) Use the menu commands.
      (2) Relaunch the program.

      Didn't think to take a screenshot when it was happening, and now it's OK again. But it's easy to describe. Imagine this Edit menu but with a blank space where the ⌘-D is: