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    certain url's / with web portal cause FM13 to crash



      certain url's / with web portal cause FM13 to crash


      FileMaker Pro


      Filemaker Pro 13.0 v3

      Operating system version

      Windows 7

      Description of the issue

      I'm new to FM13, but previously experienced similar problem with either FM12, or FM11 - where it seems to have been resolved.

      In short, some stored url values that work perfectly ok in IE, Firefox, & other browsers cause FM13 to crash when layout with web viewer attempting to display that url is accessed.   Can't even deleted the url value or record without accessing via alternate layout lacking the web viewer.

      I've used web viewer in various layouts ever since it was first introduced.   Thousands of urls I store launch in web viewer without problem.   Some websites appear to use technology which doesn't bother IE or Firefox, but makes FM13 very unhappy.  See below.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      display the url via webviewer:


      Expected result

      display page

      Actual result

      crash FM13

      Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

      Filemaker has stopped working and needs to close.


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          Andrew Eskind:

          Thank you for your post.

          I am unable to replicate the issue.  I have launched FileMaker Pro 13.0v3 on a Windows 7 Professional computer, created a database file, and on a layout, only created a Web Viewer with the URL described above.  I did not have any issues.  To be certain, I also tried this under Mac OS X 10.9.5.

          Do you still crash if you create a new blank layout with only the Web Viewer?  If so, try creating a new database file with the Web Viewer URL above.  Does this work?  I'm trying to determine if this is a layout issue, a file issue, or a FileMaker/system issue.

          FileMaker, Inc.

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            Thanks, TSGal,

            In answer to your question, YES, this url brings down FM (on my desktop machine) no matter how I use it.   I tried test layout with nothing but webviewer.   I tried different database.   I even tried under FM10 which I still have.    If I uncable connection to modem (no access to internet), I'm ok.    Since you can't replicate, I tried using an ACER laptop on which I also run FM.   There, it does work fine, as you might predict.   Obviously, there are many potential config differences between my desktop and laptop.   Among the obvious, I used different antivirus products.    I doubt that plugins for shockwave, flash, etc are identical/fully up-to-date from one machine to next.  Never mind the url works on various browsers - Chrome, Firefox, IE.   My observation is that the website in question does include a pop-up ad that takes over the screen.   Could it be the size I'm using for the webviewer?   I think in the distant past on a similar problem, you told me FM's webviewer follows same specs as IE.   It's a total puzzle - seemingly some deep quirky config in my desktop machine.  I guess I could edit record with internet access turned off (so I don't keep crashing), then upload fresh copy to FM server (triple8.net serves me as photographydatabase.org) - just to see what happens there - it'd only be on record out of 1000s.   Any thoughts?   First screen capture below is new layout with nothing but webviewer.    Note that in the process of crashing, it does display the webpage (again, observe that web page loads with popup ad).  

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              Andrew Eskind;

              Thanks for testing, and I'm sorry you are still having the issue.

              FileMaker Pro makes calls to the operating system webkit interface.  For Windows, that would be Internet Explorer (Mac is Safari).  Since it works on another machine and works with Internet Explorer on the current machine, let's assume it is FileMaker related.  Therefore, uninstall FileMaker Pro, remove the entire FileMaker Pro folder, and then reinstall FileMaker Pro, as it will create an entirely new folder with new files.  Once reinstalled, do not open the original file, but create a new file with one field, one record, and add the Web Viewer to the layout.  See if you can access www.filemaker.com.  If so, then try the original gq.com link.

              Continue to keep me updated with any progress.

              FileMaker, Inc.

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                Hi TSGal,

                I have now done as you suggested - uninstalled FM13, reinstalled, opened no files, created layout with nothing but webviewer pointed toward www.filemaker.com.    That works fine.   Edited webviewer to point to offending gq url - see result below:

                What next?   Thanks,



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                  Here's a crazy thought:    I could export an xls or whatever containing the several thousand urls I store that cause no problems.   I can't help but think gq is using some technique different from the others that gets by IE, but somehow trips up FM.    How one would analyze what's different between the 1000s that work and the one that doesn't - I haven't a clue.   But then again, I'm not a techhie.

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                    Andrew Eskind:

                    Thanks for reinstalling, even if it didn't appear to help.  It eliminates the possibility of a bad copy of FileMaker Pro.

                    I tried changing a number of system settings and Internet Explorer settings (pop-ups, add-ons, toolbars, etc.), and I still cannot replicate the crash within the Web Viewer of FileMaker Pro 13.0v3.  I've looked over most of the Page Source, and although I see a lot of Javascript, there is nothing that stands out that would cause a Web Browser to crash.  Loading this web site into Internet Explorer 11 also does not cause a crash.

                    I will brainstorm with other Support Technicians for possible causes and get back to you later.

                    FileMaker, Inc.

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                      Well, I hope we're both learning stuff on this goose chase, Gal,

                      I just went back to gq website - not one I spend much time surfing.    Pulled a couple more urls and popped them into FM (keep in mind, this isn't new to FM13 - I can crash my FM10 with this url, too).   Anyway, several gq urls worked perfectly fine.   Then I went back to their "celebrities" section, selected a different article, and once again, get the crash (screen shot wouldn't tell you anything new, so here's the additional url:


                      What the offending web pages superficially seem to have in common is they both have multiple delayed ads that overlay the other content and must be carefully controlled as to timing ---- I don't know how any of that stuff works - java - whatever.

                      Then, I noticed that even in IE, I sometimes get notice that my plugins aren't plugging away happily ---- doesn't crash IE.  Could it be that FM is more seriously disturbed by plugins gone flakey.    Here's a totally different screen shot - an IE message - not FM.   Could these be related?


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                        Andrew Eskind:

                        Thanks for the update.

                        It is possible the Shockwave plugin is damaged and causing the error.  I removed Shockwave, but I don't get a message that Shockwave is busy, but that it is missing and I do get the option to install Shockwave.  Therefore, you may want to uninstall Shockwave and download a fresh copy.  I followed the steps laid out on the Adobe web site at:


                        Do you have Internet Explorer and the Web Viewer active simultaneously?  For additional testing, try having just FileMaker Pro open.  and not any browser open.

                        FileMaker, Inc.

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                          Following your/and Adobe's instructions.   Turns out I don't even have shockwave installed!!!    Could web pages wanting shockwave be using some alternative?   Java?  Between virus and various Adobe plugins, I spend half my life just doing updates.  At least FM only updates once a year or so.  I've got errands to do for a couple hours ---- will get back to this later.

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                            OK, TroubleShooter, I've done some more testing.

                            Uninstalled all things Adobe (except Photoshop).   Rebooted computer.  Launched IE.  Went to gq problem url.   IE wanted permission to install Flash.   Installed Flash.   Closed IE --- nothing else running (perhaps Carbonite backup).    Launched FM13.   Created new test.fmp13    created layout with webviewer pointed toward gq.   Still crashes.    Installed Adobe Shockwave (even though IE now plays GQ page with all the ads, video, etc.   Launched FM, created new test.db.   Same crash outcome.

                            Here's a screenshot of all the Adobe stuff - note install dates.

                            Looks like you're as persistent as I am.





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                              Andrew Eskind:

                              Thanks for the additional information.

                              After discussing this with another Support Technician, he suggested running Windows in safe mode, and if the issue still occurs, create a new user account, login to the new user account, launch FileMaker Pro, and create a Web Viewer on the layout that accesses the gq web site.  This will create new internet settings for the new user.

                              FileMaker, Inc.

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                                OK, I booted Windows in Safe Mode (with networking - otherwise no internet access).   FM crashes there, too, when attempting problem GQ url.   Only difference is in Safe Mode there's no warning about crashing - application just disappears.

                                I think your recommendation was create new Windows user (not new FM user).   This is what I did.  Launched FM13 (which launches with tutorial/tour as if it has never seen me before).   Create test db with layout with webviewer.   Webviewer finds urls until I try gq - then crashes as before.    Luckily this isn't a show stopper for me ---- just very, very curious - esp since it puzzles you, too.

                                Thanks,    I'm out of town tomorrow all day.   Maybe insight will hit me while I drive.

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                                  One final note for tonight:

                                  Just for laughs, I did leave the problem record in and uploaded fresh copy to my triple8.net account.   Viewed via their filemaker server (at photographydatabase.org) as will be no surprise to you, the gq record displays fine both IE and Firefox.  The in-your-face ads and videos, et al.  So there's just something flaky somewhere in my tired old envt - could be time to buy a new machine and start over - hate all that reinstalling.

                                  Have good weekend.