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    Changed Behavior: Deleting Portal Record Changed



      Changed Behavior: Deleting Portal Record Changed


      FileMaker Pro


      Filemaker Pro 14 Advanced

      Operating system version

      Mac OS X Yosemite (10.10.3)

      Description of the issue

      Opened database created in FMP 13 Adv in FMP 14 Adv. In db, I have portal with a list of employees for the master company record I am looking at. In the portal, there is a button that brings up a pop-up with more information on the employee. On that window I have a button that allows you to delete the employ from the company.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Always reproducible.

      Expected result

      In FMP 13 Adv, when you press the button, a dialog box pops up asking if you want to delete the master record or just the one related record (employee). After you select, another dialog box asks if you are sure you want to delete this master/related record (depending on which you choose).

      Actual result

      In FMP 14 Adv, when you press the button, you do not receive a choice between the master and the related record. The dialog ask if you want to delete the entire record.

      Nothing changed in the database. I can switch between versions (from 13 to 14 and vice versa) with the same database file and see the difference in behavior.

      I lost a master record for a company when I was deleting one of their employees, because I was expecting a different dialog box and didn't pay enough attention to the message.

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          Strange, i am experiencing the exact contrary behavior change !!!

          For me, it now always ask to deleting the related record and i cannot choose to delete entire record anymore. But we agree, there was a change : no choice anymore with v14.

          On my file, it only depends on the focus : if the focus is on the portal, a field or the entire row or an inner button, means the row will be deleted; if the focus is out of portal, it will be the entire record, obviously.

          I am wondering if my post here Disabling Allow deletion of portal record IGNORED was heard and inspired this change. Now, when a field is active on the portal, that doesn't prevent delete record step to delete the related record, as it did before v14.

          This change is a little bad news to me, since it mean that FMI confirmed that a scripted Delete record, even without dialog, may not delete the active record as you will generally expect, but will maybe delete a related record, and the easy workaround to systematically use a Go To Field [next] is not working anymore...

          Next step would be the removal of the Delete Portal Row script step...

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            Having the same problem here since migrating to v14. 

            Scripts that have worked for years deleting a single related record using a trashcan button are now deleting the entire parent record and all children.  With 30 users, this is making swiss cheese of my dataset.

            Just started my search for a workaround...

            (OSX 10.4)

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              In terms of a work around, there is the Delete Portal row step that should consistently delete the related record provided that you enable portal row deletion and have the focus on the right portal row at the time the script step executes.