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Changes to External Data Source not reflected under Remote Access

Question asked by MyaMoe on Jan 5, 2011
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Changes to External Data Source not reflected under Remote Access


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Description of the issue

I have two macs, both running FileMaker Pro 11.  The database is on one of them, and I access that database from both computers (accessing remotely on the 2nd computer).

The database has several tables.  Some are local and some are External Data Sources (MySQL tables).  I connect via ODBC.

When I make changes to a local table on one computer, they are immediately reflected on the other computer.

If I make changes to a field in a MySQL table from one computer they are not visually reflected on the other computer.  But, you can verify the changes by doing a "find", so the table has been changed.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Open up the database on both computers.  Go to the same layout and same record on both computers.  Make a change on computer #1 and see that it isn't reflected on computer #2.  Then, run a "find" on computer #2 on the changed field--even though the field appears empty, it will be "found".

Expected result

Both computers should display the accurate information.

Actual result

The data appears to not be synchronized, but it is.

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I have a script that saves a record as a pdf and opens up Adobe Reader.  After I run that script the record shows the accurate data.