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Changing a Password Still a Problem

Question asked by markleym on Nov 11, 2009
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Changing a Password Still a Problem

Description of the issue

Several of my users reported having trouble changing their password PRIOR to logging into a database. They selected Change Password prior to login and went through the process, which looks as if it worked as the database does open. The next time they log in, however, the new password they just entered didn't work, BUT their old password did. I suggested they try to change their password AFTER they had logged in with their old password and then select Change Password from the pull-down. They did this and the next time they logged in, the new password did work. Conclusion: There apparently is still a bug in the password changing code in 10v3. We're running Win XP SP3 as the OS and Filemaker 10v3 on the desktop, and accessing FileMaker Server version 9.0.1.