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Changing font size for a global field with instant web publishing

Question asked by martinharmer on Oct 25, 2012
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Changing font size for a global field with instant web publishing


FileMaker Server


v12 advanced

Operating system version

OS X Lion server

Description of the issue

We are using Instant Web Publishing to host a database using Filemaker Server Advanced v12

I'm having a problem with text fromatting on global fields. I can change the font and font size for global fields and this works fine through a browser until I remove field entry in browse mode for the field. It then seems to convert the field to 12 point Helvetica (I think?). I don't get the same problem with non global text fields.

Is this a known bug or am I missing something here?

Steps to reproduce the problem

On a database that uses Instant Web Publishing put global field on a layout. Make the text a large font size (say 24 point). Remove field entry in browse mode.

Expected result

The font and font size entered on the layout to be displayed the same in a browser

Actual result

Text in a browser shows as 12 point helvetica no matter what font or font size was used in the layout

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear