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    Char() can't find some unicode characters



      Char() can't find some unicode characters


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      OS X 10.6.8

      Description of the issue

      I get a string from a ODBC query. The string contains some invisible characters Unicode/Ascii = 11 (VT, Vertical Tab).
      I wish to get these characters with Char(11), and then sustitute them.

      But the Char(11) function doesn't work.

      FilMaker do not recognize these characters, some Ascii = 13 or Ascii = 10 are displayed instead.

      Eporting the string field to a plain text file, and inspecting it, I still see the Ascii = 11 character anyway.
      How can I get rid of it?

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      import in the field "TextField" a string that contains the Ascii = 11 character.

      Set the calculated field "TextFieldFiltered".
      TextFieldFiltered= CercaeSost( TextField ; Char (11) ; Char (13) )

      (I don't know the english name of the "CercaeSost" formula)


      nothing for now. I'll give a try to troi plugin.

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          Yes, being able to export char(10) and char(13) was one of the key features I was looking forward to in FM11, yet it doesn't work.  I haven't found a way to make it work either.

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            Stefano Vignato:

            Thank you for your post.

            first, "CercaeSost" translates to "Substitute" in English.

            I am unable to import a file with ASCII-11, but withing FileMaker Pro, I am able to use Char(11) to insert into a field.  I can then use the Substitute function as well as the Position function (to find the position where it occurs).  This works in both FileMaker Pro 11 and FileMaker Pro 12.

            If you are unable to use the CercaeSost function, and you know the character exists in the field, then I would backspace over the character and enter a space or substitute character (in your case, Return).  Any other information you can provide may be helpful.

            FileMaker, Inc.

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              Thanks a lot to you both.

              I looked deeper at this issue, and discovered that I was misleading.

              @ howard : That's it, we cannot export char(10) and char(13), this could be the issue.

              @ TSGal : You pointed out the real fact, neither I had char(11) in my string, just in my exported file.

              So, if you have a string containing a CR 13, you have no char(11). When you export that field, you see the char(11) and no char(13). When you import back the file into FileMaker, char(11) disappear and char(13) comes back. So I was misleaded to think that the char(11) was living hidden into the field.

              Everything clear for now, thank you again.