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Character order scrambled in input from Bluetooth scanner, field with script trigger

Question asked by tcmeyers on Sep 28, 2014
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Character order scrambled in input from Bluetooth scanner, field with script trigger


FileMaker Go


FMGo 13.0.5

Operating system version

iOS 8.0.2

Description of the issue

Scanning barcodes using a Bluetooth scanner yields scrambled character order in the field - when the field has a OnObjectExit script and the field is set to Go To Next Object using Return.

To check if the problem is the Bluetooth scanner or just iOS 8, multiple scans were done into the Notes app, no scrambling.

Additionally, scans were done into FMServer_Sample, the Project layout, Description field (I presume this is a simple field with no triggers) and the scans were not garbled.

Scanning into the field that has the OnObjectExit script, however, almost never gets the scan entered correctly, multiple tries must be done before the scan code just happens to make it OK.

Manually typing into the field, or using the FM Go device-camera barcode capture DOES work, the scan strings are not scrambled. It would appear that it only occurs when the data is coming via Bluetooth.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Create a field for FM Go use, and put a OnObjectExit script on it. Set the field so that Return will exit the field.

Put the cursor into the field and scan using a Bluetooth scanner which is programmed to output a Return character at the end of scan data.

Observe that characters that came from the scanner are all there, but in a different order than they should be. Sometimes there is even a character in the field AFTER the Return character.

Expected result

Expecting single-line field entries such as these:








...which are correct barcode scans with error checking

Actual result

Bad results such as these:

1T017628XI may show up as:
1T017268XI or
1T01762X8I or
...on repeated attempts

OR EVEN, occasionally a character might be reported as if after the Return character so that:
1T025281OZ might show up as:


as one entry with two lines.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

No error message other than our own which reports that the scan is not a valid number.

Configuration information

observed on iPhone 4s and iPad models MC989LL/A


No workaround. We need to use the Bluetooth scanner for high speed multiple barcode reading, and while the iDevice camera barcode scan is handy for occasional single scans, it is much too slow for our use in this application. We need reliable fast Bluetooth entry.