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    Character swapping



      Character swapping


      FileMaker Go


      iPad 1.0.2

      Operating system version

      3.2.2 (7b500)

      Description of the issue

      While using my database on the iPad some characters change. This happens not just in labels but in fields and in tabs. eg:
      'a' becomes 'n'. 'n' becomes 'V'. 'c' becomes 'm'. One letter may be on top of another.
      Running a script or changing layouts may fix or cause this.
      Refresh often doesn't fix it.
      It comes across to the user as flakey.

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          When I zoomed in the characters would changed. When I zoomed right in it displayed correctly. When I changed the font from Verdana it displayed correctly. So it may have something to do with FileMaker handling Verdana. My Verdana may be corrupted or maybe an element (such as the tab element) on the layout was corrupted.

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            Thank you for your post.

            Unfortunately, I am unable to replicate the problem on either an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. Here are the steps I took:

            1. I created a new database file (Test.fp7) on my Mac and set all fields to Verdana 12 point.

            2. I then launched FileMaker Go and accessed the file as a guest.  All data appears normally.

            3. I quit FileMaker Go and closed the file in FileMaker Pro, and used iTunes to move the file to my iPad.

            4. I launched FileMaker Go, opened the local file, and the data appears correctly for all characters.

            5. I repeated steps 2-4 with my iPhone and iPod touch.

            Does this occur with just this one file?  That is, create a new database file and see if the problem persists.  If so, then reboot your iPad and reinstall the iOS.  If not, then run Recover on the FileMaker file and see if the problem continues on the recovered file.

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