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Characters do not show while typing FM11 WinXPP

Question asked by on Dec 23, 2010
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Characters do not show while typing FM11 WinXPP


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Win XPPro SP3

Description of the issue

When in Filemaker, typing in a field does not show at all until you tab to another field. Just shows blank, but all characters are there. Editing is terrible with this issue. Solutions tried (and failed to solve the issue) included:

Updated to latest version of FM11
Updated all Windows Updates
Multiple Restarts
Removed FM11, Reinstalled
Removed Virus Protection

Steps to reproduce the problem

Install FMPro 11.0v2 on a Windows XPPro SP3 machine, open a database, go to find mode, click in a field and try to type.

Expected result

You should see the letters as you type.

Actual result

You do not see anything at all in the field. Tab to the next field and see the data appear.


Final workaround for now was to DOWNgrade FM to version 10. Our long term solution will be to replace this system with a Windows 7 system.