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Charting Bug

Question asked by StephenBrannan on Dec 29, 2012


Charting Bug


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Windows 7 Professional 64 bit

Description of the issue

Because of the limited functionality within FileMaker Charting I need to overlay 3 vertical bar charts to create the required effect.  When I do this there is a discrepency in the width allocated to the y axis labels which causes the bar charts not to line up correctly.

Steps to reproduce the problem

It's a bit difficult to explain, I have created a test database to demonstrate the problem, let me know if you want this.  Out of the 3 overlayed charts, if 2 charts have values less than 1000 for example the width of the y-axis labels are measured to a 3 digit value, even when the maximum is set to 2000.  When one of the charts has values over 1000 then it's y-axis width is measured off a 4 digit value, this causes the bars of the chart not to line up.

Expected result

I need FileMaker to calculate the width of the y-axis labels off the maximum y axis value set on the chart rather than the highest y-axis value actually used in the data.