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Charts change color when pasting into Word 2008

Question asked by johnwall on Apr 27, 2010
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Charts change color when pasting into Word 2008

Description of the issue

I have several charts produced by my database. For the most part they look good but when I drag them from the FileMaker window to a Word 2008 (Mac) document, they lose all yellow and red and just show up as shades of blue. This happens no matter what color scheme I am using (I am using Copper). The same charts copy/paste correctly (on the same machine) in PowerPoint 2008, Word 2004 (and anything else I try), and also paste correctly in Word 2007 (Windows) when the database is opened on a Windows (Vista) machine. File is hosted on a 10.5.8 Server using Server Advanced 9 but opened with FM 11 on a Mac Pro running 10.6.3. The same thing happens on an iMac running 10.6.3.