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    Checkbox find results wrong



      Checkbox find results wrong


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      I use filemarker to track different projects and use the checkbox to mark high priority items.  After I have researched the high priority item, I uncheck the box.  The problem is when I use find mode to search for only "checked boxes" I am receiving results containing "unchecked boxes".  All of the unchecked boxes are former high priority projects that I had unchecked in the past.  I dont know what the problem is.  PLEASE HELP!!!

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          peach yogurt:

          Thank you for your post.

          On your Layout, add the Checkbox field, but don't format it as a Checkbox.  This will show the contents of the field, just in case information was added to the field, or if one of the values of the Checkbox field was changed (as it won't rename already entered data).

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            Ok I got it.  But how do I prevent that from happening in the future.

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              Depends on how those spurious values were entered into your field in the first place.

              Assuming that you made a change to the value list's list of values that obscured data that originally was listed in the value list, don't alter the values listed in the value list without also updating the data stored in the field to reflect the change made to the value list. Replace Field Contents is one option for you can use to update multiple records in a "batch update" operation such as you might need for this.