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Checkbox state not changed when tapped in Go Portal

Question asked by fredochs on Oct 4, 2011
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Checkbox state not changed when tapped in Go Portal


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Description of the issue

I have a checkbox field with two values defined for records in a portal. Often when I tap on the box for either of the values, the state doesn't change in the display. That is, if there is no X in the box before I tap, there is no X after I tap either. Same for when the box is clear. It appears I can get the state to change by tapping on the box for (say) record A and then tapping somewhere in another record so that record A is, I suppose, being committed at that time. Sometimes I seem to be able to get the state to change in the display by zooming in or out. This is not a consistent bug, but happens enough to be a real pain. Probably 25% of the time.

It does NOT appear to be simply a display problem because if I go to another window with a different layout for the table, the data is not changed in that field.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Portal with a checkbox defined for one of the fields. In my case the checkbox has a value list of two items. Tap on one of the checkboxes and intermittently but fairly often the value will not change until you move to another portal record.

Note this does NOT happen with FileMaker Pro Advanced with the same data base, etc. That is, the state always changes when either checkbox is clicked with the mouse.

Expected result

The state of the checkbox box and value should toggle.

Actual result

It doesn't approx. 25% of the time.


Tap on another record. Sometimes zooming in or out on the layout also works.