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    Clicking a value in a pop-up field forces field focus to first tab stop



      Clicking a value in a pop-up field forces field focus to first tab stop


      FileMaker Go



      Operating system version

      ios 6.1

      Description of the issue

      When trying to configure a pop-up to close immediately and all field focus to be exited using a "Commit Records" step in a script assigned as an OnObjectSave trigger, the commit does not function.  Field focus goes to the first tab position in the layout.  If there are no tab stops in the layout, field focus stays in the clicked field with the pop-up still expanded.  You must click in the open to commit and close the pop-up.  This can cause the layout to shift position unexpectedly for the user causing confusion and frustration.

      This is true of all focus exiting methods the OnSaveObject trigger script might attempt; Exit Script with False, Goto non-field object, etc.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Create any series of fields on a layout with one or more pop-up fields in Go and try to come up with a script trigger that will close the pop-up and exit all field focus.

      Expected result

      Click pop-up, have script trigger commit data and close the field with nothing remaining in focus so that the iOS virtual keyboard does not activate.

      Actual result

      Focus will always shift to the first field in the tab order sequence.

      Exact text of any error message(s) that appear



      Extra user action to correct the focus shift.