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    Client can't be disconnected by Server if Client Crashed



      Client can't be disconnected by Server if Client Crashed


      FileMaker Server


      Operating system version

      Mac OS x.6.4

      Description of the issue

      If a client machine crashes or gets disconnected brutaly while being connected to Filemaker Server, Filemaker server won't be able to disconnected until a looooong moment, evn if you try to force to disconnect it via the Server GUI or the Server Command line functions.

      So a zombie client is still connceted, hence if this same client after it's reboot tries to connect again to FMS, then FMS will refuse because he'll say some of the files are already opened by him.

      I managed mostly PC clients but this alos occured with the mac

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Crash a machine, or force to quit, a machine  running FMP client connected to a hosted Filemaker files by FMS,.

      Then try to disconnected the crashed client on FMS GUI or command line.

      Expected result

      Client should be disconnected and not listed anymore in the connected client of the FMS GUI

      Actual result

      Zombie client stays connected and appears in the FMS GUI

      Exact text of any error message(s) that appear


      Configuration information

      Mac OS X.6.4 running FMS on a Mac Pro 2.66. Mac and PC client running FMP 11v2 on either 10.6.4, Vista or Windows 7


      None, just wait for a looong time, possibly more that 20 minutes and try agaian and aganin and again to force disconnect the client with FMS GUI

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          Thank you for your post.

          I am unable to replicate the problem.  I've tried this with FileMaker Server on Mac OS X 10.5.8 server, Mac OS X 10.6.4 server, and Windows 2003 Server.  In each case, I force quit from FileMaker Pro, and the Admin Console shows I am still connected.  After selecting myself, I choose the action "Disconnect" and set it for 0 minutes.  The client disconnects within a couple of seconds.

          The Admin Console is running on the same machine as Server.

          Let me know what I'm doing differently than you, and I'll try to duplicate the problem.

          FileMaker, Inc.

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            Hum, I kept the default 2 minutes, I thought it wouldn't be possible to enter 0, but after 10 minutes nothing with many retries also.

            I've to retry

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              I have a very similar problem.  A user disconnects in an uncontrolled fashion i.e. network drop out, pc crash etc.

              The Admin console still shows them as connected, even days later.

              I disconnect the user via the admin console

              in the event log i get:Client "XXXXXXX []" forced to close connection.

              They are still listed in the admin console as connected.

              This keeps happening and eventually the user has many sessions open ( FMServer thinks it has open ) but hey don't. I've even turned off the PC overnight and still there in the morning.

              The users use a 40 user licence key.

              What is strange is that the same thing happens to me and I use a 1 user FMP Advanced lisence key. If It thought I was connected why does it allow me to connect again with the same key?  

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                Exactly what Papman's describe. Even trying to force disconnect with FMS command line didn't work. I had to restart FMS

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                  I have the same problem with my Mac FM 11 Advanced Server.

                  I haven't found out what causes the crash yet - but if a certain database crashes on one of 20-30 clients connected - FileMaker Server will hang and not allow any users to be disconnected.

                  From the client side it is possible to log on to the crashed or hung database - but as soon as certain tables are called/shown - the client will freeze.

                  Only way to fix it is to restart the Mac - the FM server can't even be stopped from the UI.

                  The logs reveal no errors whatsoever.

                  Any suggestions ?

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                    Same problem, no verification errors with files, all clients running FMP11, all normal until some client force close FMP, make a heavy query and force disconnect from server. The client will never disconnect and the sever gets stuck with fmserverd proccess above 100%

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                      Sorry for the late reply.

                      Carsten Warnich - your description is a bit different than the original post.  Your symptom appears to be caused by a corrupt database file.  Use FileMaker Pro and open each database file individually.  Once you find the file (or files), use a backup of the file and move it back to the server.  Then restart FileMaker Server.

                      Jose Fortes - If you make a large query and the client is disconnected, then FileMaker continues to try and send the information back to the client, and you could see the fmserverd process at 100%.  Eventually, the Server should disconnect the client when the idle time preference is exceeded.  Are any plug=ins being used on the client end?

                      FileMaker, Inc.

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                        Same problem on Windows Server 2003 with FMSA, console open on the server.  Replicated with latest java update (and fix), as well as with the earlier version of Java that played nicer with the console.
                        In my case, I think I have traced the source of the crash issue to ESS/ODBC.  When a table was removed from my MySQL DB but the ESS TO was still in my fp7 file, entering the relationship graph would cause the system to freeze up in define database mode.  Whether I force quit via the client or disconnected all users via the admin console, my user instance would still be present on the console, and the server would still think that the file was being edited in define database mode ("Waiting for you to finish..." But I was already out - this may be what Carsten Warnich was reporting).  I have to stop the server which does not let me restart it unless I reboot the OS as well.  Wasiting for idle time to expire did not work (I suspect because the server thought I was not idling, but still in define database mode).  
                        Restoring the deleted mySQL table allows me back in/out of the Relationship Graph without freezing.
                        If I force quit the client or disconnect via admin console while not in define database mode, the user instance dissappears as expected.
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                          TSGal, thankyou for your reply.

                          Actually I don´t have a max iddle time set in my server, I've made some tests with that opition enabled in my non producciton environment but it didn't work, still zombies and still server at a high cpu consumption level.

                          I beleive my zombies are caused 100% (althogh I'm not 100% sureWink) by people force closing their connections while performing a heavy search.

                          Also, I'm using the eventscript plugin from softs4humans. Do you think this can be the cause, It is in my solution since i was using FM7.

                          Thankyou again for your interest!

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                            Issue still exists ALSO ON WINDOWS Server 11 and it is mid 2012 with the latest version of FM 11 - you have to reboot the server BUT FIRST I have shutdown all processes and disconnect other tools that my client uses. 


                            After I called tech support, they said that all the employees at this company need to disconnect properly from a database - which is NOT the way humans work. They will force quit the client and try again - I too see the client's perspective. 

                            How can one FORCE DISCONNECT and tell server that it will NEVER get the answer from that client - ever and to give up.

                            What ever is going on also does not allow server to be shutdown - therefore not allowing you to restart it