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Client hangs saving field definitions when remote client not responding

Question asked by on May 24, 2013
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Client hangs saving field definitions when remote client not responding


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Windows 7

Description of the issue

This is a bug report and I cannot find where else to send it.

Taken a while to nail this down and I finally nailed that when multiple users are connected to a server based Filemaker 12 server 12.v4 that if a users Laptop does into a low power mode the client is not disconnected yet if Database Schema changes are made to fields the user making the change is held up while the changes are being made to the database.  These hangups can last a VERY long time upwards to an hour for even simple changes. I have found that by waking these machines the saving of field changes finishes right away after a moment of that client coffee cupping.  I have verified that it is indeed these machines not responded to the server that hangs field changes.  The server if it cannot get a response from the client in a timely manner should disconnect the client not wait for it.  Not always is access to remote users machines possible and inconvenient to force everyone off for minor changes.  I see this as a bug on the part of the server.  I have also seen that the clients may have locked up and causing the server to hang.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Have a client connect to the database.  Wait for the machine to go into a lower power mode which is sufficient to keeps network connections alive.  Make a field change in Define Fields.  Upon saving the change clients go through a refresh (you see them all blink) and the semi asleep machine does not respond.  The client saving records will hang saving records indefinitely until the client is awaken or disconnected.

Expected result

Server upon waiting for a client to respond and does not get a response in a fixed time out period should close the connection to the client and disconnect the client.  From the server console it is not possible to detect clients in this low use state

Actual result

Client making the change has been verified to repeatedly wait for this remote user for over an hour.  Forcefully disconnecting users 1 at a time will clear the issue and allow the save to continue.  I have now tested to not disconnect via server but physically go to each machine and see what is happening.  The clients are sleeping and when awaken either allow the save to continue or Filemaker locks up and must be closed.  When closed the save continues provided the server sees their connection is closed (Another issue that server does not always see a remote client close)

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

None, There is no dialog or processing dialogs happening on the side of the user making field changes.  This occurs after any processing dialogs already have taken affect.


Force everyone off before making any changes.