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Clients go "dead" displaying stale data.

Question asked by ThomasMyers on Jul 10, 2013


Clients go "dead" displaying stale data.


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Mac OS 10.8.4

Description of the issue

Open Mac based FMP server based file running 12.0v4 hosted on 10.8.4 server.  Do this on two machines. Leave both machines on for multiple days. You can use them. Initially all is well. If I change a field in the table on one machine, the change is reflected on the other.  The after 1 or 2 days something goes wrong and updating one DOES NOT update another.  This same thing happens on more than one machine.   Once the machine goes "dead", then even layout changes are not shown on the dead machine.. BUT if I make a change on the dead machine, the change IS shown on any machine that is not in this DEAD state.

The dead machine appears to NOT be taking any changes from the server. It even searches for bad (stale) data. So it appears to be some sort of cache problem.  I have been trying to adjust the cache to see if that helps.

Doing a scripted refresh window and commits does not fix the problem.

Closing the file and opening it does NOT fix the problem.  You HAVE to quit filemaker

Steps to reproduce the problem

Seems that you just have to wait a couple of days.

Configuration information

Clients are all running 12.0v4 on both 10.6.8 machines and 10.8.4 machines. Both OS's have shown the same problem.


Quit filemaker and launch it again.  NOTE: Just closing the database and opening it again DOES NOT fix the problem.