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Clients hang and can't be disconnected via Server Admin Console

Question asked by on Sep 12, 2011
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Clients hang and can't be disconnected via Server Admin Console


FileMaker Server



Operating system version

Mac OS X Server 10.6.8 running on a 4GB Intel Core 2 Duo Mac Mini Server.

Description of the issue

The database system consists of 45 tables in one file.
It's accessed by approx. 30 users via a Citrix Server.

There is two main parts of the database system.
Part A and part B.

Part B is the one that are crashing making all clients connected to part B hang.
While part B is crashed part A keeps working.

When part B crashes it leaves no trace in the log files of neither the server, the client or the Citrix Server.

When the crash occures I can not disconnect the users from the FileMaker Server via Server Admin Console.
If a user force quits his FileMaker client and tries to log on again that user will occur two times in the user list in Server Admin Console.

The only way to unlock the database is to restart the server completely.

Steps to reproduce the problem

I haven't found a way to force the error to occur.

However, my gut feeling says that the problem might have something to do with Citrix Clients no logging out the proper way.
My best guess is that a user after closing Citrix still can block a given field or layout in the FileMaker database - making it impossible for others to access for instance the login tables in my FileMaker solution.

But the absense of errors or warnings in the log files makes it impossible for me to test.